About Us

About Us

Katas Hempstead Agro Farms was established in 2022 after many years of research on hemp and its benefits. Our aim is to promote hemp production, research & development and commercialisation in Pakistan

We believe the world needs out-of-the-box thinking to bring about the environmental revolution that can save our planet, and Hemp can play a vital role in the reversal of climate disasters loaming over our heads. Furthermore, Industrial hemp cultivated for fiber is seen as a possible alternative to the declining cotton crop in Pakistan. Demand for consumer goods will increase to new highs in the next 20 years as disposable income increases in our world’s most populous nations. However, the ability of our planet to ramp up production of raw materials such as oil, timber, and cotton to meet the demand is neither plausible and nor sustainable.

Pakistan’s rainfed northern areas including the Pothar region of northern Punjab offer a unique prospective opportunity to cultivate and value add industrial hemp. Hemp “The Green Gold” is eco-friendly, renewable, and after processing yields a white color fiber like cotton.

Our Mission

We believe Hemp has so much unlocked potential which needs to be further explored through research and development of this plant and its products. There is unique opportunity to establish a leadership position within growing Agricultural sector of Pakistan. With this view Industry–academia alliance has been set up to exploit hemp prospectives in Pakistan. We have developed a liaison with the University of Agriculture Faisalabad and Pakistan Agricultural Research Council to work mutually to unleash hemp possibilities. We aim to be the leaders in Industrial Hemp production,development, and commercialization in Pakistan and other regions of the world. In addition to its environmental benefits, we envisage hemp to bring a boost in exports of our value-added products.